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Glen Stodolka

Owner & Operator


Experience: Glen, the patriarch of RaeCor and has grown it from the foundation up to the position it is today.  We don’t want to age him, so we’ll just say that he comes with multiple decades of experience in the construction industry.  Glen initial experience in the industry included framing and construction, concrete and interlocking brick. It wasn't until the early 90's he moved RaeCor into the art of hardwood flooring.


As a master craftsmen, Glen brings the most unique and luxurious floors to your home. Glen is known for his expertise in the details, and instills this value in our team that we put our best skills forward on all work that we complete. He truly wants all of our customers to love their home.


Fun Facts: Glen is a grandpa to 3 kids and 7 grandkids and can still work every single one of them under the table, he has owned a 1970 Road Runner since 1980 and is beyond athletic with Volleyball and Baseball being his more notorious sports.

Glen About
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