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Glen, the patriarch of the company has grown RaeCor Enterprises from the foundation up to the position it is today.  We don’t want to age him, so we’ll just say that he comes with multiple decades of experience in the construction industry.  Glen initial experience in the industry included framing and construction, concrete and interlocking brick. It wasn't until the early 90's he moved RaeCor into the art of hardwood flooring. As a master craftsmen, Glen brings the most unique and luxurious floors to your home. He will work with you to come up with a plan for your special project that is both mindful of your lifestyle and respectful of your budget.  Glen is known for his expertise in the details, and instills this value in our team that we put our best skills forward on all work that we complete. He truly wants all of our customers to love their home.

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From RaeCor's onset, over 35 years ago, Debi has always been the heart of the company. She knows the inside out workings of the company so if you want to comment on the company’s social media or have a non-construction question (she would agree), she is here to help!

Managing Partner


There are people in this world who were born for their vocation and Cori is definitely one of those people. When you ask Cori what her brand is, she would say "Facilitating Human Potential" which accurately sums up Cori's role within RaeCor. Cori brings over 7 years in the trades and over 15 years of experience in team management and client relations. She has her hands on every step of your experience with RaeCor. She is a proud member on the Women in Business Committee and is always looking for opportunities to speak and advocate for women in the trades. She is the background woman ensuring that the Mission of our company is steeped into every single one of your projects.

Davidson Tavita

Journeyman Carpenter


If you have decided to have your floors done or undertake a renovation in your home, you will have the pleasure of working with Davidson. He brings over 7 years of carpentry experience to help you recreate your space to fit your personality and lifestyle.  Always up for a new challenge, Davidson will lead his crew to complete your project on schedule, and he will make sure all involved have a little fun and a lot of laughs while doing it. 

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Office Administrator

Jessica Bickford

Jessica is the friendly face you will meet when you first step into our office. While much of Jessica's time is spent working with our client's and ensuring they are well taken care of, she also looks after various aspects around the office including marketing,  flooring education and general operations. 

Jonis Toledo portrait

Flooring Specialist


Once you decide RaeCor is your flooring and renovation choice, Jonis takes charge to make sure your project is done to our highest standards and promptly.  There is no request too big, too small that Jonis won't be able to help you with.