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Our Services


Hardwood floors never go out of style and will compliment any interior decorations that you have in your home. 


We have over 30 years of general contracting experience and proudly employ journeyman carpenters and apprentices on staff.

Multi-Purpose Flooring

RaeCor provides industry specific products, from athletic surfaces, to play surfaces to gymnasium floor refinishing or recoating, we have you covered!

Hardwood Section

Hardwood with RaeCor

Refinishing, Factory-Finish, Site Finish

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to install hardwood floors. They add a touch of class by making your home more elegant, but they never lose their aesthetic value. Hardwood floors never go out of style and will compliment any interior decorations that you have in your home. No matter your personal style, a hardwood floor is a great addition to your home. In addition to beautifying your home, hardwood floors also add value to your home, increasing the chances of your home being bought, should you ever decide to sell. Hardwood floors are easy to clean, are relatively low maintenance AND they don’t trap dirt, dust, or allergens that often get caught in carpet. If you’re looking for an extremely durable and high-quality hardwood floor, then contact RaeCor Enterprises today.


Refinishing Harwood (Sand & Finish)
  • Sanding and refinishing hardwood floors gives you the chance to completely restore old, damaged flooring. It also gives you the chance to change the color of your hardwood flooring with stain.

  • It is an environmentally friendly way to upgrade your whole home without ripping out your existing floor and throwing it in the landfill.

  • Change your stain color, sheen or over all surface appearance


Factory/Pre-finished Flooring
  • Want the look, feel and timelessness of hardwood floors without the sanding and dust? Then factory finished floors are for you. Each board comes fully stained and finished from the mill and our Team comes in and installs it.

  • There is no sanding, no cure time. The moment we are done installing, you can move back in.

  • Factory finished floors come with a wide range of distressed surfaces which appeal to homeowners with busy households. The more distressing across the surface of your floor the more it hides.

  • Factory finished boards are particularly durable as a result of their aluminum oxide finish

  • Allergen friendly

Site Finished Hardwood
  • These are your traditional hardwood floors that have been around for years. On-site finishing has been the preferred choice of homeowners and contractors because they are 100% customizable.

  • Site applied stains allowed for custom colors to get just the right look — this is especially useful when trying to match existing wood. 

  • Homeowners can choose the sheen of the finish, the species of wood they like, the grade of wood that suits their space

  • They allow for clients to get create and have custom installs such as herringbone, borders, inlays and medallions

  • Site applied finishes also allow for a seamless floor. The finish coats seal the floor and there are no beveled edges where debris has a tendency to gather.

  • Allergen friendly

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